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Paul Zucker

Mr. Zucker joined International Recovery Associates, Inc. as President/Owner in 1986. 

Paul is responsible for all managerial functions of the firm including, but not limited to Staffing, Operating Expenses, Accounts Payables, Receivables, Computerization, Customized Reports, Statements, etc.

Paul has excellent communication skills and is well versed in industry standards. His commitment to excellent customer service has earned numerous letters of recognition. 

Paul previously held a similar position with a collection agency in upstate New York for a period of five years.

Angelo Raucci
Vice President/Owner

Mr. Raucci joined International Recovery Associates, Inc. as Vice President in 1986.

For over 20 years, Angelo has been a hands-on Owner/Operator of the company. He is responsible for the overall production of the Insurance and Collection Departments. 

Angelo closely monitors the recovery percentages. He is the HIPAA Compliance Officer and a Licensing Expert.

Angelo was previously with Payco General American Credit for four years and held leadership positions in collection; he was then promoted to management. Mr. Raucci ultimately opened his own agency called International Retrieval Services, Inc. which merged with IRA in 1986.

John Slawkawski
Operations Manager

Mr. Slawkawski  joined the collections industry with International Recovery Associates, Inc. in 1995.

After a brief 6 months of successful collections, John was promoted to Collection Supervisor. He effectively used his management skills to help motivate and lead his collection staff.

After only one year as Supervisor, John was promoted to Collection Manager, and is now our Operations Manager.

John's eye for detail and ability to recognize and react to both the strengths and weaknesses within his staff has been the key to his success. He successfully maintains the day-to-day IT issues for our state of the art computer systems and automated dialer.

John formerly held a 5-year career in retail management.

Chrisinda Salguero
Collections Manager

Ms. Salguero joined IRA in 2002.

Chrisinda oversees all aspects of the collections department.

Lori Martin
Billing Manager

Ms. Martin has been employed with IRA since 1990.

Lori is responsible for all day to day operations of the Medical Billing department.

Sales Team
Angela Rich | Director of Sales, Medical
Kim Summerlot | Executive Director of Business Development
Steve Taylor | Director of Business Development
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